Sunday, May 25, 2008

EasyPunch Embroidery

Punch embroidery is very old & beautiful form of embroidery, where loops are punched from the back of the fabric to the front. Until the invention of the EasyPunch Embroidery Machine, the craft was always done manually, one loop at a time. In 1981 this beautiful process was modernized with the EasyPunch Machine. This hand held machine is battery operated and also electric and runs from 500 to 1000 loops per minute. It uses any regular sewing threads & all of the supplies are regular sewing supplies. Patterns and fabrics are easy to find & to use. Any tightly woven fabric & regular iron-on transfers. Great for any fun project that one might do regular embroidery. Clothing, quilts, kidswear, Christmas projects, monogramming, pillowcases, wall hangings and so much more. Utilizing the machine is only limited to the imagination of the stitcher.

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