Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Is Easy Punch Embroidery and What Does It Do?

"Easy Punch" is the trade name for the battery/electric automatic punch embroidery machine invented in 1981. The machine is a modern version of a very old and beautiful craft. Until the invention of the machine, the craft was done manually, one loop at a time. The machine has taken that tedious process and brought it into the 21st Century. The Easy Punch Machine has made the lovely old craft of punch embroidery faster and easier. It takes only a few minutes to master this great machine. It is battery powered which makes it portable and with the special adaptor, it is also electric. It is the only hand held automatic punch embroidery machine made. It is American Made and has a one year factory warranty. Over 1 million have been sold and enjoyed all over the world.

Using regular sewing threads, it automatically punches nice even loops into the fabric from the back to the front. It speeds along at about 500 stitches a minute on batteries and nearly double the speed when plugged in. With four different length needles, you can vary the depth of the stitches by simply changing the needle. This easy texture change greatly enhances your projects. The supplies you need can be found in any fabric or craft store. Any regular sewing threads can used, be they cotton, rayon, silk, nylon, metallic or polyester. Great way to use up all of your odds and ends of threads. Regular iron-on transfer patterns are one of the easiest sources of designs and patterns. You can alo create all of your own patterns.

Decorate jeans, sweatshirts, pillowcases, clothing, pictures, Christmas stockings and ornaments, monogram towels, quilts and so much more. Limitless in it's application. The finished embroidery is machine washable and dryable and extremely durable.

Easy Punch Embroidery is fun for everyone. From kids to Grandma will enjoy this fast, easy, creative way to do embroidery. It is indeed HAPPY STITCHING !!