Friday, May 30, 2008

"Bear" With Us For Another Neat Project

The great thing about the EasyPunch Machine is that there is absolutely no end to what can be done...The Teddy Bears were stitched on a tighly woven fabric in a good plastic hoop. And we carry the very best on our Website. Yes, it is plastic but it has legs on it so you can stitch all of your projects on a table top. on a magazine in your lap if you are travelling or on a TV tray as you watch television. The legs elevate your stitching surface to make it that much easier to stitch. Also this hoop has a "sealing ridge" on the inside of the hoop to keep your fabric "drum, drum tight" that is so important with punch embroidery. The hoops also come in different sizes, too. Back to the Bears!! They were stitched using a pattern and were stitched flat in the hoop and the sewn together and stuffed.. Really FUN, FAST & EASY.. Another neat project.

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