Saturday, September 11, 2010

Easy Punched Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament stitched with the Easy Punch Automatic Punch Embroidery Machine...stitched with the longest of the needles in the machine using a LOOSE FIBER threads and the beard was brushed with the Nap Brush that is on the Website.. gives a fantastic, realistic look to Santa...just another way of many to enjoy the machine...check our Website for many Holiday Transfer Patterns as well as our Polyester loose fiber threads on the site..

Doug Keeling in Clay

This is Doug the Easy Punch Guy done in clay...I made a wire armature and covered it in fleece-like fabric to build up the body..the clay head, hands and arms, legs, feet and shoes were done separately and modelled in Fimo Clay..although this is my favorite for this type of work, have tried and used just about every other kind of clay on the market...depending on what I do, each one has it's own benefits..The head, hands/arms, feet and hands were painted with acrylic paints..Barb used one of her socks for the sweater (will have to do an other figure to use the other sock) and she also made the great denim trousers for him (me?) to wear..the Easy Punch Machine was made from a dowel and painted to fit in my (his?) hand...the "hoop" was made from a round piece of wood and covered in a piece of fabric.