Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks To You

Thank you all for visiting our Website over the years. And for your interest in our products and for your orders. This Blog is brand new and, we trust, informative. After 26 years of selling the EasyPunch Machine and all of it's supplies, we have learned a great deal from our fellow stitchers and designers all over the world and we are thrilled to pass much of it on to you. If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you. Also, at the bottom of the "About Me" Profile, click into "view my complete profile" and under "contact" we welcome emails and please visit our "Web Page" for all of our great products. Continued "Happy Stitching" to you all.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The One & Only EASYPUNCH Embroidery Machine

Unbelievable Machine...Over 1 Million have been sold and enjoyed. The Machine is American Made (very proud of that!) has a full one year factory warranty. The Machine can be run on 2AA batteries, so that it is portable and it also runs a 3 volt adaptor so that it is electric. They come in a variety of just machines, sets and kits. The basic tool comes complete with the machine, four (4) different length needles for stitch depth, two (2) threaders, a large spool holder (it uses just any and all sewing threads) and a well illustrated instruction book and the warranty.

Our fantastic Website shows all of the machines and the various kits and sets that are available. We have been selling the EasyPunch Machine and all of its kits and its supplies and are now starting on our 26th year offering the EasyPunch. We offer great "tech" support and are always available via phone or Email to answer any and all questions you might have.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Talk About Monogramming ..

Another suggestion for a name or initial.. Personalize that gift or do a really nice purse for your self. The EasyPunch Machine uses regular sewing threads and this is a great example of Metallic Threads. Stitching with the machine gives you a nice way to get into the sewing machine or your sewing basket and using up all of that leffover threads you have been saving. Any threads whether is expensive or inexpensive, use it all up with the machine. Cotton. rayon, silk, polyester and even one or two strands of your embroidery floss. WE do have on our Website lots of colors of the metallic and poly threads available.

And Don't Forget Monograms !!

One of the most important utilizations of the EasyPunch Machine is monogramming. Not only is it fast and fun but very personal. And you can save a lot of money by doing your own. Towels, pillowcases, Christmas Stockings, Ornaments and most importantly clothing. Do the kids shirts and jackets. Add that very special name or logo to work clothing and so much more. Shown is a garment with a name but have also added a nice design as well. On our Website we have many Iron-On Transfer Patterns books, many of which include a variety of alphabets .

"Bear" With Us For Another Neat Project

The great thing about the EasyPunch Machine is that there is absolutely no end to what can be done...The Teddy Bears were stitched on a tighly woven fabric in a good plastic hoop. And we carry the very best on our Website. Yes, it is plastic but it has legs on it so you can stitch all of your projects on a table top. on a magazine in your lap if you are travelling or on a TV tray as you watch television. The legs elevate your stitching surface to make it that much easier to stitch. Also this hoop has a "sealing ridge" on the inside of the hoop to keep your fabric "drum, drum tight" that is so important with punch embroidery. The hoops also come in different sizes, too. Back to the Bears!! They were stitched using a pattern and were stitched flat in the hoop and the sewn together and stuffed.. Really FUN, FAST & EASY.. Another neat project.

More Creative Projects

This beautiful Footstool was done with EasyPunch Machine using regular sewing thread. In this case it is Metallic threads. As always, the punching is done from the back to the front of this black velveteen. The stool cover was done separately and then fitted to the footstool after the stitching was done. Looks almost like "bead work". A very comfortable one evening fun project.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Fun Stuff You Can Do !!

This "Cool" Doll Outfit is done with the EasyPunch. Both the sweater and the Poodle on her skirt are punched. They were stitched with a "loose fiber" sewing thread and then brushed to give the "fuzzy" look. The thread is a polyester thread and we offer it on our Website. All of the sweater punching was done separately using a pattern we have available and then the sweater was made and gave it the "Angora" look with the brushing technique. The Poodle is an applique that was also done separately and then cut out and double fused onto the felt skirt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What You Can Do With The EasyPunch Machine

We are showing & listing some of the fantastic projects that can be done with this great machine. The only limit is the imagination of the stitcher. Every one loves the EasyPunch because it is just that "easy punch".. Kids particularly enjoy the machine because there is no "project burn-out". Finish a Teddy Bear Design in an hour, monogram a towel in half an hour. Fast, easy & fun to do.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

EasyPunch Embroidery

Punch embroidery is very old & beautiful form of embroidery, where loops are punched from the back of the fabric to the front. Until the invention of the EasyPunch Embroidery Machine, the craft was always done manually, one loop at a time. In 1981 this beautiful process was modernized with the EasyPunch Machine. This hand held machine is battery operated and also electric and runs from 500 to 1000 loops per minute. It uses any regular sewing threads & all of the supplies are regular sewing supplies. Patterns and fabrics are easy to find & to use. Any tightly woven fabric & regular iron-on transfers. Great for any fun project that one might do regular embroidery. Clothing, quilts, kidswear, Christmas projects, monogramming, pillowcases, wall hangings and so much more. Utilizing the machine is only limited to the imagination of the stitcher.