Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Before the advent of our Easy Punch Embroidery Machine, this beautiful craft was done manually with a hand punch, one stitch at a time. Prior to the invention of the machine 30 years ago, we manufactured, demonstrated and sold a hand punch called Plush Punch. There are purists that prefer doing the craft this old fashioned way and for that reason we still have our hand punch available. It uses sewing threads and embroidery floss and has the ability to do different length loops. It is on our Website in both the Easy Punch section as well as the the Cloth Doll Supplies as it is perfect for regular punch embroidery, cloth doll faces and cloth doll body embellishment. Check it out. A great addition when combined with Easy Punch stitching.

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Linda's Art Quilts said...

Love, love love the easy punch machine that you demonstrated at a San Diego Quilt Show many moons ago. It still works like a dream and often adds just the right touch to my art quilts.